HAG focuses on Joint Scientific Consultations in its fifth face-to-face meeting

Members of the Heads of HTA Agencies Group reunited on 10 May for their fifth face-to-face
meeting since the Group was setup in September 2021. The meeting was hosted and organised by
SBU’s and TLV’s Director Generals, Britta Björkholm and Agneta Karlsson.

22 Heads of HTA Agencies came together for the meeting to discuss the strategic relevance and
implications of Joint Scientific Consultations (JSC). The topic was prepared together with Antje
Behring (G-BA) and Stephanie Said (G-BA, Chair of the HTA subgroup on JSC). The lively and
constructive discussions will be used to draft a “HAG Recommendation on JSC Position Paper”, which
will be presented at the next meeting in September. The topic was supported with insights from
EMA’s Michael Berntgen on pilots for regulatory scientific advice on medical devices.

During the meeting, the HAG also re-elected Rui Santos Ivo (INFARMED, Portugal) as Chair of the
HAG and elected Agneta Karlsson (TLV, Sweden) and Lionel Collet (HAS, France) as the Vice-Chairs of
the HAG.

The HAG will hold its next meeting in Madrid, Spain on 5 September 2023. The meeting is being
hosted by Spain’s AEMPS.