The Heads of HTA Agencies Group is a forum to raise, highlight and discuss matters of strategic character that are of relevance for HTA bodies across Europe.


The EUnetHTA Joint Action 3-specific Heads of Agencies Group (HOFA), was a vehicle for collaboration within Europe and was responsible for increasing the convergence of European HTA systems, supporting implementation of joint products and facilitating dialogue and an open exchange of information between EU/EEA Member States.

Setup in 2021, the Heads of HTA Agencies Group (HAG) is its successor and will seek to build on this work in line with its objectives in order to prepare for a future EU HTA system, taking the HTA Regulation (HTAR) into account.

Current objectives

The specific aims of the

group are as follows:

To support the development of the basis for joint work on all HTA activities at EU level within the model of EU cooperation anticipated by the Regulation on HTA.
To support the preparation of national systems and capacities for the adoption of the HTA Regulation.
To support the joint work performed at the technical and scientific level by HTA bodies across Europe.
To advise policy makers and relevant EU and national institutions on matters regarding HTA, particularly cooperation in HTA.

To fulfil its objectives, the 

Heads of HTA Agencies Group will:

Establish a structure and specific communication pathways for members of the HAG in order to facilitate information sharing.
Formulate recommendations for the activities of the HTA Coordination Group in accordance with the Regulation on HTA.
Maintain close communication channels with decision-makers across the product lifecycle.
Enter into exchange and collaborate with other EU and international HTA networks, working together in order to avoid the duplication of efforts.
Enter into exchange and collaborate with the EUnetHTA 21 Consortium and other relevant stakeholders.